A Few Words About Us

Who We are

GLOBAL DIAMOND SPHINX NIG. LTD. was conceived on the 27th of April 2005 and was natured till the 19th day of June 2009, When her delivery was visible. It is a total Creative, Promotions, Advertising, Branding and Renting Outfit with an uncompromising commitment to the success the of Global business.

Human Resources

We have a Team of young, highly trained and experienced Professionals who take jobs very seriously as we are backed up by  state of the art equipment to meet all urgent needs and also take your business to the next level.

Deliver good quality services on time and in full with determination of becoming the best in the

Printing industry as we embark on meeting the needs of our clients and customers

Become a benchmark for innovative, quality and efficient source in the field of branding.

We pledge to deliver better results to our clients by improving on the following areas:

CREATIVITY: We pledge to improve on our creativity

EFFECTIVENESS: Improve on quality & timing of delivery

EFFICIENCY: Present evidence of value-adding savings


We are passionate, determined and driven by the desire to succeed together and for our clients.


We continuously innovate, we go the extra mile to improve our performance and the performance of our clients.


We demonstrate solidarity, we are loyal and faithful to our clients, partners and amongst ourselves.


We are committed to our clients, their needs priorities and successes.


We buld trust, we are reliable, we respect ourcommitments and keep our word.